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Why IC360
PCB Manufacturing, components sourcing and in-house assembly, whole project management available at IC360
Quick-turn Prototyping
Support from 1 to 300 pcs quantities, enable you to go from design to function prototype faster and with confidence
On-Demand Fabrication
Agile fabrication process meets demand, Experienced Team offers fantastic experience
Strong Supply Chain Management
Deep cooperation with 3000+ original electronic components manufacturers and their authorized agents and distributors
Smart BOM System
Intelligently recognizing ,analyzing, matching, comparing and recommending for your non-template BOM list by uploading without registration
Overall Cost Reduction
Eliminate intermediate brokers,Reduce costs by 15%-45%, Improve purchase and production efficiency
Equipment and Capacity
Board size
  • Minimum board size: 50mm x 50mm
  • Maximum board size: 400mm x 550mm & 1200mm x 260mm
Soldering Type
  • Provides PCBA soldering services for surface mount (SMT), post-in-plug (THT) or both
PCB board type
  • PCB board (FR-4, metal substrate), PCB flexible board (FPC), Rigid-flex PCB
PCB Stencil
  • Laser stencils are used to ensure that components such as small-pitch ICs and BGAs meet IPC-2 Class or higher standards.
Component size
  • High-precision IC such as BGA: with a pitch of Min 0.25mm.
  • Passive components: we accept components as small as 01005 (EIA inch code).
Component packaging
  • For SMT components, we accept reels, cut tapes, tubes and pallets package.
  • THT components in bulk is also accepted.
Quality Control
  • IQC: incoming inspection;
  • IPQC: in-production inspection;
  • Visual QC: routine quality inspection;
  • AOI: Check solder paste, soldering effect of SMD components, few parts or component polarity;
  • X-Ray: Check BGA, QFN and other high-precision hidden PAD components;
  • Functional testing: According to the customer's testing procedures and steps, the function and performance are tested to ensure compliance with the requirements.
  • Burn-in test: Test function and performance according to customer's test procedures and procedures to ensure compliance with requirements.
Processing Equipment
1. Board time: 6s/pcs
2. Step interval: 10/20/30/40 mm
3. PCB size: W250*L330mm(Max) W50*L50mm(Min)
1. Printing cycle: 13s/pcs
2. Accuracy: ±0.025mm
3. PCB size: W310*L400mm(Max) W50*L50mm(Min)
High-speed SMT
1. Component size: 01005-2220 (EIA inch code)
2. Speed: 42000 cph
3. Accuracy: ±40μm
4. PCB size: W300*L510mm(Max) W50*L50mm(Min)
Multifunctional SMT
1. Component size: 0402-150*25*30 (diagonal 152mm)
2. Speed: 18000 cph
3. Accuracy: ±30μm
4. PCB size: W300*L510(Max) W50*L50mm(Min)
Reflow soldering
1. Temperature zone configuration: 10 temperature zones, 20 heating modules
2. Temperature control accuracy: ±1℃
3. PCB width: Min50mm-Max300mm (simultaneously) Min50mm-Max550mm (single rail)
Optical detector
1. Camera resolution: 15μm
2. PCB size: W330*L480(Max) W25*L25mm(Min)
Plug-in line
1. Number of workstations: 8
2. PCB width: 50mm-350mm
Wave soldering
1. Chain speed: 500-1800mm/min
2. Temperature control accuracy: ±2°C
3. Temperature control
accuracy: ±2°C 4. Substrate width: 50mm-350mm
Wire and assembly line
1. Number of workstations: 10
2. The transmission speed is adjustable




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