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Commitment to Quality

Quality is constant at IC360

Inspection Process

Our inspection process reflects our systems-based approach to quality. We inspect, measure, verify, and test electronic components from the outer packaging inward to confirm that they meet the highest standards.

Professional Equipments

X-ray Detector

X-ray detector uses low-energy X-rays without damaging the inspected item to quickly detect the inspected object.

Ultrasonic Scanning Microscope

Water immersion ultrasonic scanning microscope is perfect fit detection chip internal packaging defects.

Testing Capacities

IC360’s in-house testing laboratories are fully equipped with the industry’s most advanced functionality and authenticity verification tools to manage custom testing programs for any project.

Functionality Testing

IC360’s functionality lab can test the full range of electronic components and peripherals to ensure they are fully functional. We offer a range of tests to determine components’ quality, capacity, output, value, and more.

Authenticity Testing

Our counterfeit detection testing lab is provisioned with the most advanced in-house tools to verify component authenticity. With destructive, nondestructive, and custom testing solutions available, the integrity of your parts will never be in question.

Custom Testing

We offer custom functionality testing for components and consumer electronics, from full-unit to component-level.

We are committed to the quality of every product we source

Explore Our Facilities

IC360 maintains strict environmental controls at our global operational facilities. We protect your products across all stages of the supply chain.

IC360 Exceeds Industry Standards

Our industry certifications and affiliations reflect our commitment to quality, consistency, and delivering components and service you can trust.


Our third-party-verified certifications and accreditations ensure that our products and services are maintained at the highest standards and that we are held accountable to those standards.

Memberships and Affiliations

IC360’s affiliations and memberships keep us up to date on the latest industry information, trends, and best practices so that we maintain our leading edge in technology and innovation.

Professional Engineers

Our quality engineers maintain professional certifications to deepen their understanding of both in-production and end-use component quality requirements.




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